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Before Casting A Vote For Cruz Or Kasich, There’s 1 MAJOR Issue You Should Consider

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So, after hearing about the alliance between Gov. Kasich and Sen. Cruz, I felt the need to point a few things out…

I find it rather interesting that it’s taking two politicians working together in order to try to derail one non-politician, and they’re not even going to be successful. With that said, why are the two politicians working to defeat the only candidate that stands a chance in the general election? Better yet, why aren’t they combining their efforts to stop Hillary Clinton rather than one of their own? Rhetorical questions, of course.

What we’re seeing now is actually a big deal and it’s indicative of where both candidates’ allegiances lie, which isn’t with the voters they swear they work for. If it were, then they’d get behind Trump and try to help him win the general, knowing that his nomination is all but guaranteed. But they’re not – instead they’re with the corrupt establishment on both sides of the aisle willing to do anything to retain its stranglehold on American politics.

With that in mind, it’s quite telling that Cruz, who swears he’ll fight the establishment if elected, is now on their side in every single manner. We expected it from Kasich, but the true colors of Cruz are shining through in a major way.

Here’s the thing these two need to realize; ultimately, the Trump revolution – yes, it’s a revolution the likes of when Reagan won in a landslide in the 80s – is a direct result of the same establishment politics that Cruz and Kasich are both engaging in right now. As such, both Democrats and Republicans are getting what they deserve after years of sticking it to We the People – Democrats leaving their party in droves and Republicans voting for Trump by the millions.

They’re 100 percent responsible for this, and watching them squirm couldn’t be more fun. After all, how many times have these hacks:
1. Run for election, then re-election, then re-election, etc.
2. Made every single promise that voters wanted to hear so they could get into office
3. Got into office
4. Then went to Washington and left us behind while being parasites to our tax dollars, voting themselves raises, and becoming multi-millionaires.

What do they honestly expect?

How many times do they want to kick us in the teeth before we react? How many times do they want to ignore our will – giving them BOTH houses of Congress to stop Obama – while implementing whatever agenda they have in mind before we snap? How many times did they think we were going to sit idly by and be cast aside?

Yes, the RINOs are 100 percent responsible for Trump’s uprising, and now they’re so afraid of losing their power, they’re willing to let Hillary Clinton get elected, the will of the voters be damned.


She can be controlled. Trump cannot.

Trump has no leash because he has no allegiance to anybody but his supporters. He’s not bought, which means there’s no strings that can be pulled, unlike Mrs. Wall Street speeches herself, Hillary Clinton. Plus, that’s not to mention, he’s promising to bite if elected, and he’ll bite hard.

With a Trump election comes the end of the establishment’s era, and they’re absolutely terrified right now. It’s not just American politicians who are terrified either.

Think about it, when was the last time an American leader spoke like Trump? When was the last time that an American leader promised to put America first? People hear that the leaders of other nations are freaking out and they think it’s bad. But why? They’re only freaking out because their gravy train is about to come to a halt. The billions of dollars they expect and demand every year are going to dry up. Their free ride at our expense is just about over.

Of course they’re freaking out, because this means they’re going to have to actually be responsible instead of relying on American money to fund their great giveaways, and it means the lopsided trade deals will finally be worked out in our favor for a change, which also means trouble for them, since it’s those very trade deals that have sustained their lackluster economies and massive welfare schemes .

So yes, while the smaller picture paints two desperate candidates trying to remain relevant by teaming up together, the much larger picture here is that they’re both uniting behind the very establishment we all hate, and it’s all being done to thwart what the voters want – an end to their monopoly on power.

If people didn’t like either one of these two before, then they’re really going to hate them now, to which I say; good – you reap what you sow, and you’re sowing a crop none of us want to harvest.



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