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BREAKING: CHAOS Erupts Across The Nation As ‘Tolerant’ Leftists VOW Trump WON’T Take Office

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Tolerant liberals across the country were out in force last night showing us how much they truly love democracy after they realized that Hillary Clinton really isn’t going to be president.

In similar fashion as throughout the presidential election, leftists took to the streets to protest “hatred” and “bigotry” by showing how much they hate Trump for the views he holds in what amounted a massive collective temper tantrum because the snowflakes didn’t get what they wanted. The “everyone gets a medal” crowd couldn’t handle the fact that Hillary didn’t get a participation trophy for losing the election, so they did what any normal person would do and quietly expressed their discontent with the results.

Just kidding. They went on a rampage through their cities and destroyed shit.

All across the nation millennials poured into the streets and marched through town disrupting traffic, making the lives of innocent people miserable, and yes, in some cases they started fires, looted, and shot people.

Oakland, where liberal politicians give the criminal elements a long leash, once again found itself in utter chaos as anarchists clashed with police and set fires while they went about trashing their own city.

Some of the carnage across the city included graffiti that read, “Kill Trump,” while businesses, including a bank, found their windows smashed and graffiti on their exteriors.

In Seattle, a bastion of liberal ideologues, deadly violence broke out resulting in at least five people being shot.

Meanwhile in New York City, celebrities were seen marching with the far-left agitators and encouraging their undermining of American democracy.

The outrage at our new democratically elected president-elect is shameful, at best, but that hasn’t stopped these entitled shits from showing their asses to the nation and proving exactly why we needed to elect Trump as president. As word of the protests spread across social media, the protests grew in number across the nation.

On Twitter, people from all over uploaded their photos and videos from the despicable demonstrations:

Isn’t that lovely? Again, this is exactly why we needed to elect Trump.

Thanks to relentless coddling from leftist-run public schools and universities, these miscreants don’t know how to handle defeat or when someone won’t give them what they want. So when either situation occurs, they immediately react by going straight into fits of rage and throwing a tantrum.

Fortunately, Trump has repeatedly said on the campaign trail he’ll do away with Common Core and straighten out our schools. After seeing the behaviors from the snowflakes in the election’s aftermath, it’s definitely needed now more than ever.

On an off note, do you guys remember how conservatives rioted, looted and shot one another after Obama won in 2008 and again in 2012? Yeah, neither do I because it never happened.




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