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CHAOS Unfolds At Conn. Easter Egg Hunt, You WON’T BELIEVE Who Was Left ‘Bloodied’ [Vid]

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As Christians across the world celebrate Christ rising from the dead on Easter, a group of parents in Connecticut gave a glaring example of how to act in direct contrast to the Lord’s teachings. The light-hearted and fun event quickly devolved into utter chaos, and you won’t believe who was left “bloodied” after the dust settled.

While stories of adults acting like children unfortunately are all too common these days, what happened in Connecticut is enough to make you embarrassed to call these idiots your fellow Americans. A mob of entitled parents went to the PEZ headquarters in Orange for the annual hunt, and before the event – meant for children – even started, these a**holes stormed the field with zero regard for anybody else’s well-being – including numerous toddlers.

CHAOS Unfolds At Conn. Easter Egg Hunt, You WON’T BELIEVE Who Was Left ‘Bloodied’ [Vid]

MailOnline has more on this truly disgusting display of human indecency:

‘It was worse than being at Wal-Mart on Black Friday,’ parent Val McCormick wrote on the PEZ Facebook page on Saturday.

She added: ‘My toddler that was standing with her brothers were shoved into the field and went with the flow. By that time it didn’t matter. I had to yell GO to my boys because it was like an angry mob of chaos.

‘In the toddler field it was more of a greedy parent field. Not one toddler hunting for eggs. It was nuts. Way too many people and more than their staff could handle.’

The event, which started at 10.30am on Saturday, consisted of three fields for different age groups, which were to have staggered start times.

More than 1,000 turned up for the event. Ribbons were laid out on the floor to divide each section.

But according to a parent who spoke to WSFB at the scene, as soon as one field opened it descended into chaos, and the ribbons became submerged in the mud.

‘When it came time at like 10.30am, the parents just bum-rushed that area,’ West Haven resident Nicole Welch, at the event with her four-year-old son, told WFSB.

‘When my son left he had a broken basket and he was hysterically crying,’ Welch said.

A grandparent wrote on Facebook: ‘My grandson ended up with a bloody from an ADULT in the 9-12 year old section knocking into him!!!!”


CHAOS Unfolds At Conn. Easter Egg Hunt, You WON’T BELIEVE Who Was Left ‘Bloodied’ [Vid]

What an absolute disgrace. These “people” should be ashamed of the sub-human behavior, but judging by the way they all behaved, shame isn’t on their list of character traits. But I digress.

In a statement regarding the near riots during this children’s event, PEZ decried the abhorrent actions of the parents, who behaved like they were hyenas.

“We started talking to people and say ‘hey this is supposed to start at certain time.’ That lasted about a minute and everyone just rushed the field and took everything,” said Pez General Manager Shawn Peterson’s statement.

“Unfortunately people chose to enter the first field prior to anyone from Pez staff starting the activity,” it continued. “The crowd moved to the second field, waited for only a couple of minutes and proceeded to rush the field without being directed to do so and before the posted start time.”

You want to know the real kicker in all of this? Some of the self-absorbed parents actually blamed PEZ for the chaotic scene that ended with children getting injured, even though they were the ones who couldn’t control themselves.

Check out this unbelievable statement from an entitled mom:

CHAOS Unfolds At Conn. Easter Egg Hunt, You WON’T BELIEVE Who Was Left ‘Bloodied’ [Vid]

“Hey thanks for the waste of time and non existent organization of your egg hunt. Specific direction 9-12 egg hunt 11am sharp. We drive 2 and a half hours to show up 30 early only to receive a ‘sorry, no one listened and they started early.’
“I’m sorry your establishment was so poor with planning that they apologize for children not listening instead of being unprepared for such and event [sic]. I’ll wait in this line after my drive just to personally let management know my level of disappointment and poor excuse of an apology.”

Wow… just wow.

You want to know what’s wrong with America and why Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, both of whom are promising “free” stuff at the expense of others, are so popular? You needn’t look any further than what happened in Connecticut, and what people were willing to do for chocolate, then think about what they’d be willing to do for something important. You know, like a “free” college education.

This is what happens when you remove God from society. Absolutely un-freaking-believable.



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