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No, Charles Blow, America Didn’t Elect A Bigot. We Rejected The Bigotry Of The Left

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Donald J. Trump is the President-elect of the United States. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write after a year-long campaign from media activists to paint Trump as a racist, sexist bigot in hopes of scaring people away from voting for him.

Against all odds and against all forms of the establishment, including a corrupted Fourth Estate, he prevailed over his opponent. Trump did the unthinkable and legitimately won the White House through a democratic election. The polls were wrong, the media was wrong, and the unhinged left was eating crow by early Wednesday morning as it became clear that Americans were fed up with the country that’s been created by Obama and the Clinton Democrats.

Mr. Trump will become the 45th President of the United States, and it’s truly shocking to me that I’m even saying that after everything he’s had to overcome. Trump faced unsurmountable odds as he was forced to fend off relentless, coordinated attacks from the Clinton campaign and its media accomplices willing to produce propaganda rather than report the truth if it meant ensuring a win for their candidate.

In the debates he faced not only his opponent, but the leftist moderators who had colluded with her beforehand. In the national press he faced harsh criticism from Clinton-friendly reporters, and the Clinton machine pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into attack ads falsely taking his words out of context to distort the truth and convince America Trump was something he isn’t.

Let me be clear: Businessman Donald Trump is not a bigot, a sexist, or a racist, and he’s not going to become a bigot, sexist, or a racist when he takes office in January. These accusations were contrived by his opponent to discredit his character and suppress voter turnout, and they’re still being repeated by his opponent’s supporters in an attempt to undermine his inevitable presidency.

Charles Blow of the New York Times wrote a column yesterday titled “America Elects a Bigot” in which he again repeated the lies that were told about Mr. Trump during the election. Mr. Blow used those lies to defend his own bigotry and the fact that he’s intolerant of those with whom he disagrees. Such bigotry was on full display throughout the election as leftists across the country worked tirelessly to shut down meaningful dialogue and insult those supporting Trump.

Hillary Clinton at one point infamously called over half of Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables.” Time and time again we heard Clinton supporters in the media disparage those voting for Trump as uneducated or poorly informed. People like Mr. Blow have also accused Trump’s voters of being racist against the current president simply for the fact they don’t agree with his ideology. Let’s also not forget that many of those supporting Trump were branded as “angry white men” or thrown into the “alt-right” category in order to discredit their views.

Additionally, since 2008, Mr. Blow and others like him have used every possible line of attack against conservatives to undermine their influence in the electorate. President Obama once accused conservatives of clinging to their guns and their Bibles because they didn’t support one of his policy proposals. Liberal members of the press have accused conservatives of being extremists, members of the Democrat Party have accused them of being Islamophobic and all across social media unhinged leftists resort to insults whenever they encounter a conservative who doesn’t agree with their views.

For the last eight years, the left’s bigotry and intolerance have pushed Americans to their breaking point. People were angry that our nation had gotten to the point where it became offensive to speak the truth, hateful to discuss reality, and bigoted to disagree with someone so they naturally pushed back against the authoritarians trying to police their thoughts.

The fascist left underestimated how much Americans value their right to free speech and it ended up costing them the White House. This election wasn’t just about overthrowing the establishment and changing the status quo, it was about breaking up the authoritarian left’s monopoly on acceptable speech. Mr. Trump offered the opportunity to do exactly that because he refused to play by their rules – rules that were created for the purpose of silencing conservative views.

While Mr. Trump was the outsider candidate at a time when Americans were fed up with the establishment, he also offered them hope that they’d be able to openly discuss ideas again without being labeled as hateful or bigoted for simply speaking their minds. He spoke passionately and candidly about topics Americans care deeply about, and he connected with the nation in a way other candidates couldn’t because they were bound by the chains of political correctness. He was immediately labeled as hateful by the left for doing so, but Americans are smarter than to believe the lies they see in the media so it only boosted his support.

Mr. Blow, you may think America elected a bigot, and you’re entitled to believe whatever you’d like. However, the reality is that America overwhelmingly voted to reject the bigotry of the left – the very bigotry you demonstrated in your column disparaging the nation for electing Trump – after years of being bullied into silence. If there’s one thing that Americans hate, it’s bullies, especially bullies that try to force them to think or act a certain way, which has been happening for far too long.

So, Mr. Blow, if you want to blame anybody for how you’re feeling today, walk down the hall and have a look in the bathroom mirror. The only ones to blame are those like yourself, who’ve spent the last decade or so insulting the “deplorables” that finally became fed up and staged a successful coup against the fascist left, in what will undoubtedly go down as the greatest upset in political history.

Actions have consequences, Mr. Blow. Try to keep that in mind the next time you decide to insult or disparage an “angry white man” or “uneducated” voter, because their votes count just as much as yours.



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