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Check Out What Happened INSTANTLY After Tucker Carlson Replaced Megyn Kelly At 9 P.M.

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Tucker Carlson has been a Fox News contributor for some time, but when Greta Van Susteren left the network they discovered just how much of a ratings hit he is when he took her 7 p.m. time slot.

Night after night, he would have far-left ideologues on his show and completely destroy their hypocrisy in front of millions of viewers, resulting in the show becoming a ratings juggernaut. In fact, Carlson’s show was doing so well that when Megyn Kelly suddenly announced her departure from Fox, network executives gave Carlson her coveted 9 p.m. time slot right after Bill O’Reilly.

Most everyone who watches Fox thought the move was smart because you put successful shows in good time slots. However, many on the left weren’t too pleased with Fox’s decision, and it’s not because they don’t believe he’s qualified…

It’s because of sexism and racism, of course.

Don’t you just love the left’s intolerance?

Meanwhile, these same people lament how divided the country is, as if they’re not the ones causing the sharp divide with racist and misandrist rhetoric like you see above.

Thankfully, in just nine days and a little over 12 hours the country sets a new course and hopefully this type of hateful and divisive nonsense dwindles down, which it should. After all, the president sets the example for the rest of the country, and for eight years we’ve had a president engaging in similar behavior whenever he was given a microphone.

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