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BREAKING: Amid Charlottesville Chaos, China Makes MAJOR Move Against N. Korea… Media SILENT

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China has just made a major move against the north Korean regime, but you probably wouldn’t know it with the media’s breathless coverage of Charlottesville.

Just about every foreign policy analyst has stated that in order to get the Norkos under control, it’s going to take some heavy lifting from the Chinese, which to date hasn’t been easy to get done. However, with new American leadership comes a new push to pressure the communist nation into helping us deal with the North, and it seems to be working.

According to the Daily Mail, the Chinese government just announced it’s banning all imports of coal, iron ore, lead, and fish from their North Korean neighbors in a move that’s going to put a massive dent in the country’s export business and leave the evil regime strapped for cash, at least in theory.

This is a major diplomatic victory for the President.

From the Daily Mail:

China has banned the import of several vital products from North Korea in line with the UN sanctions announced earlier this month.

Importing coal, iron ore, lead concentrates and ore, lead and sea food from North Korea will be banned as of Tuesday, China’s Commerce Ministry said today.

It is hoped that the UN sanctions against trade with North Korea will force the country’s dictator Kim Jong-Un to slow down, if not abandon, his nuclear missile program.

The United States in particular wants to stop Pyongyang from developing nuclear missiles, while North Korea sees its nuclear arsenal as protection against the U.S. and its partners in Asia.

Concern that North Korea is close to achieving its goal of putting the mainland United States within range of a nuclear weapon has underpinned a spike in tensions in recent months, including between China and the U.S.

China accounts for 90 percent of trade with North Korea but is suspected of failing to enforce past UN measures, even after voting in their favor.

Again, this is a major victory for President Trump, which is likely why you won’t see it in the mainstream media. However, it’s a major step toward America’s goal of having a de-nuclearized North Korea.



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