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Chris Rock Hosts Oscars, And SICK Surprise For Cops Has People FURIOUS

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The weeks leading up to the Academy Awards this year have been full of controversy, and last night’s show appeared to follow the same trend. Comedian Chris Rock was picked to hot the show, and a sick surprise he had for law enforcement during one of the segments has people furious… and they should be.

Rock isn’t exactly a stranger to edgy humor; in fact, that’s how he’s made a name for himself. However, there’s a fine line between edgy and downright wrong, and he leapt far across it with an utterly distasteful “joke” about law enforcement killing black people during one of his monologues.

Every year, the Oscars have a segment called “In Memoriam,” where the awards show honors those in show business who died the previous year, which is a decent way to pay respects to the dead. But rather than keep things classy and remember the deceased, Rock decided he was going to take a shot at law enforcement around the country.

“This year, things are going to be a little different,” Rock said. “This year, in the ‘In Memoriam’ package, it’s just going to be black people that were shot by the cops on their way to the movies … yes I said it!”

Yeah, he did go there, despite the fact that you’re not going to be able to find any instances of black people being killed by police while they’re on the way to a movie. But, emotions, right? The entire platform for social justice warriors is based upon emotional arguments reinforced by hyperbole and blanket stereotypes, so it stands to reason that Rock would use the same.

But people weren’t happy about it.

You get the idea. While Hollywood elites and progressives alike both believe the myth that black people are being gunned down at a blinding rate by unhinged, racist cops, the truth is an entirely different matter altogether, and fortunately, people are becoming willing to call this type of thing out.

But it’ll be interesting to see the fallout from this little stunt for two reasons; 1. We all know liberals lap this stuff up like a thirsty dog getting a drink on a hot day, and 2. The rest of us aren’t too pleased with the incessant attacks on law enforcement from the social justice crowd.

Let’s see who ends up having a larger impact.

Make sure you spread this around so others can see how the “so white” Oscars turned on the very law enforcement that kept their idiotic selves safe last night.



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