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NBC’s Chuck Todd STUNNED When Reince Priebus Interview Goes OFF THE RAILS On Live TV

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The mainstream media won’t stop talking about alleged Russian interference in the election, and President-elect Trump’s chief of staff Reince Priebus is apparently over it.

Priebus appeared on Meet the Press on Sunday to discuss the allegations with Chuck Todd, and when Todd alleged that the Russians worked to get Trump elected, Priebus absolutely went off on him.

Check it out, via the Daily Caller:

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus challenged Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” on whether or not he could cite a single source that can confirm the RNC was hacked by Russian agents.

“The assessment from the CIA that the actions by the Russian government were disruptive in order to help Donald Trump,” Todd said. “Does Donald Trump have confidence in America’s intelligence?”

“Of course he has confidence in America’s intelligence, but we don’t have confidence in the New York Times releasing a report of unnamed sources… of some kind of study that the Washington Post said was inconclusive,” Priebus responded. “The RNC was absolutely not hacked.”

“When the DNC was hacked, we called the FBI. The FBI went through everything, and we were not hacked,” Priebus said. “If we were not hacked, then where does that story lie?’

“What I’m asking you Chuck, tell me what the specific source that you have, other than the New York times article. What source are you using to be so adamant to get a response from me? What’s your source?” Priebus exclaimed.

The man makes good points. Thus far, there’s been absolutely zero credible evidence to suggest Russia had anything to do with the leaks from the DNC or John Podesta, yet the media is reporting it as incontestable fact.

Call me crazy, but that’s pretty much the definition of “fake news,” isn’t it?

Good on Reince for calling out this utter insanity.



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