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BREAKING: CIA Analyst Drops NUKE On WaPo Story Alleging Russian Interference

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On Friday evening, the Washington Post sent shockwaves across America when it published a story claiming the CIA said it has definitive proof that the Russians interfered in our election for the sole purpose of getting Donald Trump elected.

Many people have doubted the claims, and it’s hard to blame them after the media repeatedly published fake news throughout the election in an effort to get Hillary Clinton elected. While we still don’t know if the WaPo story is valid or not, a new report from True Pundit seems to refute it after a CIA analyst came forward and called B.S. on it.

Check it out:

The Washington Post, in a front-page splash on Friday, fingered the CIA for allegedly confirming the wild rumors of Russian hacking that were concocted and spread by Democratic lawmakers for months preceding the election and the weeks since the GOP win. The Washington Post’s story, however, contained no CIA sources and in fact, no credible U.S. intelligence agency sources whatsoever. Instead, it hinged on what unnamed lawmakers had supposedly been told by unidentified, supposed CIA-linked sources in “secret” briefings: That the CIA had developed proof the Russian state waged an orchestrated campaign to destabilize the U.S. election to benefit GOP-candidate Trump.

“It’s an outright lie,” a CIA analyst divulged to True Pundit. “There’s nothing definitive like that. There are leads from activity originating in Finland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Britain, France, China and Russia.”

Multiple CIA sources are now denouncing the Washington Post for knowingly reporting misleading national security intelligence. Intelligence insiders said no one in the Agency or in the FBI, who is running at least one parallel inquiry, has ruled out a possible internal leak within the Democratic National Committee from actor(s) inside the United States who funneled private DNC emails to WikiLeaks.

Now, keep in mind that the FBI also refutes the claims from WaPo, as do others in the intelligence community, including three members of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. According to the ODNI officials, there’s no conclusive evidence that Moscow was working to boost Trump’s chances of getting elected, although they didn’t deny that Russia may have had a hand in hacking the DNC.

For those unaware, the ODNI oversees the 17 different U.S. intelligence communities, so it’s safe to say they know what they’re talking about.

Also, former ambassador John Bolton called the Russian interference story a “false flag” while lamenting that the Obama administration has politicized intelligence in the past. He joined the growing chorus of people casting doubt on the allegations from the Washington Post, which have more than fueled the media and Democrats’ all-out push to stage a coup against Trump in the Electoral College.

If it is indeed discovered that CIA operatives politicized intelligence pertaining to Russia and the election, then the Trump administration needs to make examples of them by prosecuting them under the Hatch Act. After all, this whole effort has been to interfere with the Electoral College’s vote by undermining Trump’s historic win, and if that doesn’t fall under the regulations within the Hatch Act, I’m not entirely sure what does.



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