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UNREAL: Liberal City Council REINSTATES Judge Even Though She’s NOT A U.S. CITIZEN

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Things in this country are seriously getting out of hand, ever since we decided to prove we’re a post-racial society and elect a radical Marxist as the commander-in-chief.

Ove the past eight years, the rule of law has gone by the wayside as the courts were stacked with activists who circumvent Constitutional law to favor their agenda, which was brought to us by the progressive left – the anti-American force intent on “fundamentally transforming” America. Thanks to these judges, illegal immigration soared while any attempts to stop it were quickly shot down, and now we’re even hearing of a case about a judge who was in the country illegally but was still presiding over cases for legal citizens.


Corpus Christi, Texas came into the spotlight after it was discovered that a municipal judge wasn’t actually a legal resident of the U.S. Judge Young Min Burkett was suspended without pay for 90 days, according to Right Wing News, which gave her enough time to go through the naturalization process, however, despite lying on her application forms she was reinstated by city council.


Because they didn’t think she had the “intent” to defraud them when she omitted the fact she didn’t have legal status. Mayor Pro-Tem Rubio stated that since nobody asked her about her citizenship, despite it being a requirement to be a judge, that she wasn’t being deceptive by not telling them about her illegal status.

For what it’s worth, she did become a citizen on July 5, which was 51 days into her suspension. Still though, it seems too little, too late, after she presided over a courtroom for over a year and a half without having legal status.

Further, when asked about whether or not her rulings would be nullified, since she wasn’t qualified to sit on the bench, the City Council said they won’t be, all of them are allowed to stand.

Do we even live in America any longer? How in the world is this woman still a judge after she broke the law, then illegally obtained a job?




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