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Kelly Clarkson Just Had A Baby, And The Anti-Gun Left Is Going To HATE His Name

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Ever since her appearance on American Idol, Kelly Clarkson has become one of our nation’s most beloved singers, and it’s easy to see why; she’s smart, classy, and has an incredible voice. However, she may have just earned a new accolade with Second Amendment lovers everywhere with what she named her new baby boy.

While celebrity baby names aren’t usually our thing, it’s always fun to use the far-left entertainment industry against the left to give them a much-needed poke in the eye – even if it’s something as innocent as a baby’s name. Clarkson’s choice in names for her son is undoubtedly going to have freedom-loving American heaping praise for both being normal and badass at the same time.

America, meet Remington Alexander Blackstock:

Yep! You read that right. She named him after one of America’s most-loved firearm brands for over a century – and her fans absolutely loved it.

In all fairness, Clarkson didn’t specifically state whether or not the firearm company had any influence on her decision to name her son Remington, but it’s still cool nonetheless. And if you’re interested, the name’s original meaning is actually, “from the raven city.” It’s also been on the rise in popularity over the years, according to Baby Names-Pedia, peaking at #421 among a long list of other names.

But regardless of why she chose that particular name, we know one thing is for certain – it’s more than likely going to drive the anti-gun hoplophobes up a wall, and that’s something we can all take some pleasure in.

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