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Clemson Crybabies ‘Occupy’ Building With RIDICULOUS Demands, Get SMACKED By Reality

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A group of social justice warriors from Clemson University decided they wanted to force the school’s hand in complying with a list of demands, so they occupied a building on campus and refused to leave until administrators caved. However, things didn’t go exactly as they planned, and they ended up getting an epic surprise instead.

For some reason, colleges have turned into hotbeds of social activists who seem more concerned with complaining over just about anything, and the student group See the Stripes is an example of this. They had a list of seven demands they wanted the school to cave to, and when school officials didn’t act on them, the group set out to force them to by taking over a building ad refusing to leave. But then they got a bitter taste of reality.

The Daily Caller has more:

The occupiers’ motley list of demands includes a demand that the taxpayer-funded university “prosecute criminally predatory behaviors and defamatory speech” on social media. See the Stripes also seeks a multicultural center which will serve as “a safe space” for minority students and a new name for Tillman Hall, a campus building named after white supremacist Democrat Benjamin “Pitchfork Ben” Tillman. Additionally, See the Stripes members say they remain really mad because a fraternity threw a “Crip-mas”-themed Christmas party well over a year ago.

The protest began on Wednesday night on the steps of Sikes Hall, an administrative building which houses the office of Clemson’s president, James P. Clements. A small group of protesters slept in front of the building in tents and sleeping bags, according to local Fox affiliate WHNS.

A group of students also decided to inhabit Sikes Hall.

Next, Clemson administrators warned the students that they would be arrested if they did not decamp from inside the building by 5:30 p.m. on Thursday.

Some of the protesters chose to leave.

Five students opted to stay. Police arrested them.

Police cited Adrian Lydell Carson, Jeremy Ian Anderson, Darien Jamal Smith, Me’khayla Oneal Williams and Rae-Nessha Nichole White with trespassing on public premises outside of ordinary business hours, reports Greenville, S.C. NBC affiliate WYFF.

Boom! That’s how you deal with entitled snowflakes – show them what happens when they pull this crap in the real-world. The “Clemson Five,” as they’re called by their supporters, were then released on their own recognizance and ordered to appear in court on a later date.

Although the arrests didn’t exactly end the protests, which continued the following day; however, students promptly left Sikes Hall at 5:30 p.m. because they didn’t want to be arrested. Now they swear they’re going to continue to protest until the school caves to their demands and addresses their “grievances.”

Perhaps if more colleges took this approach – arresting disruptive students rather than pandering to them – we’d see less of the entitled snowflake attitude and more of what’s actually supposed to be happening at college – you know, learning, or something.

Unfortunately by caving to their demands, schools are giving students unrealistic expectations of the real-world, and really making them nothing more than liabilities for potential employers, who would be insane to hire any one of these kids because they’d bring nothing but problems. If there ever was a time to reform public universities, it’s now – before the progressive Marxists that have infiltrated them can spoil any more young minds – and we should start by stripping funding from any school that preaches this social justice garbage as gospel.



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