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Hillary Clinton’s ‘May Day’ Tweet Did NOT Go As Planned, Look What Happened Instead

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Yesterday, workers from around the nation took to the streets to show solidarity with one another on what’s called “May Day,” which was started by socialists and communists demanding workers’ rights. In her ongoing pander-fest, Hillary Clinton sent out a tweet to those celebrating, but it really didn’t go as she had planned.

If you’ve been following Clinton’s campaign, she’s been on an all-out pander-fest trying to garner support from everyone possible by doing things like claiming she always carries hot sauce in her purse to saying that as a white woman she need to acknowledge her “privilege,” both of which were done to court black voters. Apparently the pandering isn’t going to stop any time soon, and a tweet she sent out on “May Day” is evidence of it.

Pretty much taking a line straight from socialist Bernie Sanders’ campaign, Clinton declared that “we have to stand with workers” in order to raise incomes, and it pretty much backfired in her face.

Check it out:

Reactions were pretty swift:

You get the idea. That was both brutal and beautiful – it’s always fun watching a known liar and soon-to-be convicted felon be publicly humiliated.

If this is any indication of what’s to come in the general election, it could be even greater to watch than we initially thought. After all, if she squares off with Trump, he’s not going to hold back, and if that happens, it may very well be the end of her career.

How incredibly awesome would that be?



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