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Clinton Wins Iowa, But Sanders Crying FOUL Over What’s Missing At 90 Precincts

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The results are in from the Iowa caucus, and it appears as if Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton was able to squeak out a win by a very narrow margin. However, her rival Bernie Sanders is crying foul after seeing what went missing from 90 precincts in the state.

For those unaware, the way a caucus works is the individual parties tally the votes, and once they’re in, there’s no recount. Also, when the individual precincts are too close to call, the Democrat Party literally uses a coin toss to decide the outcome and assign delegates, and with it being such a tight race, both of these aspects of the lection are quite important.

Last night, Clinton was able to narrowly squeak out a win against Sanders, and by narrowly, I mean she only had a .03 percent lead over him with 98 percent of the precincts reporting. That lead, 49.8 percent to Sanders’ 49.6 percent, according to the Des Moines Register, was made possible by Clinton “winning” six consecutive coin tosses to decide delegates.

If you’re wondering, the statistical probability of winning six consecutive coin tosses are quite slim. In fact, according to the online study tool “Coin Toss Probability Counter,” the chances of being able to do so are 1 in 64, or 1.56 percent, which has the Sanders campaign rightfully suspicious of the results.

Adding to its suspicion is the fact that in 90 precincts across the state, the votes magically went “missing” after the Iowa Democrat Party failed to properly staff them. Because of this, it said it would have to “re-stage” the results and asked the campaigns for help, reported TheBlaze.

With the magical coin tosses going in Clinton’s favor, and the “loss” of votes from 90 precincts, Sanders very well could have won the Iowa caucuses. Clinton finished with a final delegate count of 699.57, and Sanders finished with 695.49. Had he won only half of the coin tosses, the headlines would read much different this morning, and that’s not even counting the outcome of the mysterious loss of votes from 90 precincts.

With all of this said, it’s no wonder Sanders is questioning the results, especially considering who is opponent is. Clinton has proven many times over she’s more than willing to do whatever it takes to get her way, so would anybody really put it past her to tamper with election outcomes? Not if they’re paying attention.



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