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After Months Of Trump Bashing, George Clooney Got Absolutely HORRIBLE News

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George Clooney is a Hollywood moonbat who’s been an outspoken critic of presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump ever since the billionaire entered the presidential race, and apparently his criticisms have finally caught up with him.

Clooney is starring in a new film titled Money Monster, and things aren’t looking too good for the financial thriller’s opening weekend, according to Breitbart News. In fact, some estimates have the film opening with just a measly $10 million in box office sales, which officially means it’s a total flop.

Breitbart has more:

Money Monster — which stars Clooney as a Jim Cramer-style TV finance guru who is taken hostage on air by a disgruntled viewer — is projected to open in the low-teen million range this weekend, according to tracking estimates in the Hollywood Reporter.

The studio behind the film, Sony/Tristar, projects an even softer opening, at $10 million.

If those estimates hold, it would be a disappointing opening for the star-studded film, which reportedly carried a production budget of $27 million and will open on roughly 3,000 screens.

The film — which reunites Clooney and actress Julia Roberts for the first time since 2004’sOcean’s Twelve — was set to premiere Thursday night at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Industry tracking suggests the film will ultimately open in the $12.5 million range, Deadline reported earlier this week.

Ouch. Even with other big names in the film, Clooney can’t seem to pull the fans into the theaters. Even worse news for the far-left veteran actor is this appears to be a trend with his movies.

His last film, Hail, Caesar!, completely bombed on its opening as well, earning only $11.4 million on its opening weekend and its total revenues amounting to less than Clooney’s mansion cost. Hail, Caesar! brought in just $30 million in domestic revenues, but that wasn’t even Clooney’s worst movie.

No, his worst movie was Disney’s Tomorrowland, a climate change drama that absolutely nobody wanted to see. The horrible flick was played in some 4,000 theaters over Memorial Day weekend last year, and still could only muster up a paltry $41 million in sales, which led Disney to take a more than $100 million write down on the movie.

Double ouch. It appears as if America is rejecting Clooney and his far left views in their entirety, which really shouldn’t surprise anyone. Although you’d think these actors would take a hint and stay the hell out of politics as their movies continue to bomb, since most people don’t believe that pretending to be someone else qualifies people to assert their influence on the national political stage.

Regardless, it seems as if Clooney’s golden years in acting have come and passed.



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