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George Clooney Has Voters Fuming After What He Said About Trump Presidency

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Hollywood actor George Clooney is a big fan of Hillary Clinton’s, and he really doesn’t like presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump all that much, which isn’t a huge surprise. However, his latest comments about a Trump presidency will have voters fuming, especially after the latest polling shows the two candidates in a tie.

Clooney was at the Cannes Film Festival speaking at the premier of his film Money Monster on Tuesday, when he weighed in on presidential politics in America. According to Clooney, there’s no way that Trump will ever make it into the White house, and you might be surprised as to why he believes that.

“There’s not going to be a president Donald Trump,” Clooney said. “It’s not going to happen because fear is not going to be something that drives our country.”

Of course Clooney is out of touch with normal voters, who aren’t driven by fear, but intense anger at elitist politicians like Hillary Clinton who have sold our nation out for personal gain. You know, kind of like how Clooney sells out on his principles to make money in Hollywood. But I digress.

Clooney has been an outspoken critic of Trump for some time, and he’s even said things like Clinton was the only adult in a room full of presidential candidates. Apparently, he also whined at one point that he’s had to explain Trump to his overseas friends and complained that he is a “fascist,” or something.

Meanwhile back in reality, polling in key swing states has the brash billionaire tied with Clinton, who’s struggling to close the deal against a geriatric socialist who many people think may suffer from mental illness and has never held a real job in his life. In other words, the likelihood of a Trump presidency is increasing by the day, and the best part is that he hasn’t even begun to show America who Hillary really is.

Go back to your bubble, George, nobody really cares what you think anyways.

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