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CNN Asks SIMPLE Question Of Bernie Supporters… You Should See Their Reply

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On Monday night, Iowa voters turned out in record numbers to caucus for their favorite candidates, and CNN was covering one of the Bernie Sanders events. They had a blindingly simple question for his supporters, and their responses say everything we need to know about his “grassroots” base.

Of course, if you’re going to be casting a vote to decide the direction of our nation, you should at least know which direction you’re sending it, wouldn’t you agree? Well apparently, that’s just not the case for Bernie’s supporters.

In fact, while they’ll tell you that socialism – Sanders’ self-proclaimed party – is the greatest thing that could happen to our nation, apparently they don’t even know what it is. No, really.

Brooke Baldwin interviewed several of his followers and simply asked them, “Can you define socialism?” Clueless doesn’t even being to describe their response, but one thing is for certain – the fact they’re casting votes is downright terrifying.

Check out footage from CNN below, courtesy of TheBlaze:

“Socialism?” one Sanders supporter asked before growing silent.

“Can I define socialism? Probably not, if I’m being totally honest” another answered.

“Socialism, oh boy. I don’t think I can,” echoed one more.

The “best” part of the video comes at the end, when one of Sanders’ supporters wearing glasses likens socialism to telling Dr. Martin Luther King – the famous civil rights leader – that he can’t have a dream.

As I said above, one would think that if people are turning out to vote, they should at least know what they’re voting for. But alas, thanks to our progressive schooling, people are more ignorant than ever, yet they’re taught it’s their duty to march to the polls and vote for their favorite Democrat, ideology be damned, and the video above is evidence to that fact.

But unfortunately, while everyone is told it’s their duty to vote, what they’re not told is that with every duty comes a responsibility, and that responsibility is to be as informed as possible before casting a vote that has the potential to radically change our nation, and affect millions of people and their wallets. If there ever was an argument to be made to require a basic civics test before allowing people to vote, what we just witnessed at the Sanders’ caucus is it – if you can’t even define the ideology you’re supporting, you have no business even being at the voting booth… period.



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