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VIDEO: CNN’s Racism Debate Goes OFF THE RAILS After Cuccinelli Smacks Loudmouthed Lib DOWN

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Over the weekend, violence broke out at a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, leaving one dead, and ever since, there’s been outrage on both sides of the aisle.

Today on CNN, former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli appeared with far-left activist Symone Sanders to discuss the rally with host Chris Cuomo, and the segment quickly went off the rails after Cuccinelli was forced to lay the smack down on Sanders because she wouldn’t let him talk.

First, Sanders attempted to claim that President Trump has white nationalists and Nazis in his cabinet, and shortly after she compared Americans of the past with Nazis. However, things took an explosive turn when Sanders refused to let Cuccinelli speak and he told her to “shut up.”

The Independent Journal has more on the discussion:

Cuccinelli insisted that the statue of Robert E. Lee was an excuse to bring various racist groups together but kept getting interrupted by Sanders. He finally snapped:

“Can I finish, Symone? Can you just shut up for a moment?”

Never one to back down, she shot back furiously:

“You don’t get to tell me to shut up on national television. I’m sorry, under no circumstances do you get to speak to me in that matter. You should exhibit some decorum.”

Cuomo, who suddenly had to play referee for what looked like was about to be a boxing match, scolded Cuccinelli:

“Ken, you don’t want to use language like that when you’re talking to Symone. You can disagree but don’t talk like this on this show.”

Yikes. She was being rude as hell, and any clear-thinking person would have told her to shut up.

Liberals love using the vocal filibuster to prevent others from talking. This time it didn’t work out so well.



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