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CNN Goes To Democrat County To Find Hillary Voters, STUNNED When THIS Happens

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Over the weekend, CNN went to a Democrat county in search of voters planning on supporting Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton. However, the reporters were rather stunned after they started interviewing residents and had something completely unexpected happen instead.

In Logan County, West Virginia, Democrat voters outnumber Republicans by a six-to-one margin, but there’s just one problem – West Virginia is coal country, and their probable nominee said she wants to destroy the industry. So when CNN went there to talk to potential Hillary voters, they instead couldn’t find a single one.

As if the lack of support for Clinton in the largely Democrat county wasn’t already bad news for her and her party, more bad news came when voters declared they were crossing party lines to cast a ballot for Trump.

“It was not easy here to randomly find people here who want Hillary Clinton for president,” CNN reported, reported CNN, before adding that they interviewed some 20 Democrats and couldn’t find one that wasn’t voting for Trump.

Obama’s federal regulations have had a disastrous impact on Logan County, which has lost most of its coal mines as a result. Those regulations have been heavily influenced by the United Nations, and unfortunately for Clinton, she’s on board with them, which means trouble in the region come November.

It’s not only West Virginia where Clinton has a problem with rank and file voters either. Across the country, polls suggest some 20 percent of registered Democrats will cross party lines to vote for Trump, adding to the increasing likelihood that he’ll end up winning in a landslide similar to Ronald Reagan’s back in the 80s.




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