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CNN’s Pajamaboy Don Lemon Has DELUSIONAL Reaction To Election Loss In Georgia

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On Tuesday night, CNN’s Don Lemon was bewildered at the news the Republican Karen Handel won the special election in Georgia’s Sixth District, and his reaction was nothing short of delusional.

By any rational measure, spending over $30 million on a House seat and coming up short is a crushing defeat, and that’s exactly what Democrat Jon Ossoff did as money poured in from around the nation to fund the most expensive House race in history. Despite Hollywood campaigning for him, the Democrat Party pumping millions into the race, and the media assisting by framing the election as a referendum on President Trump, Ossoff was still the loser, receiving the world’s most expensive participation trophy in history.

However, if you’re to listen to Lemon, this was a victory for the Democrats.

No, seriously. That’s the spin these delusional people are trying to put on their loss.

From Breitbart News:

Lemon said, “What’s interesting is that, breaking news, a Republican wins in Georgia, it shouldn’t be breaking news. This is the way it should happen. But the fact, David, that it was so close, at least it appeared in the polling and in the results, as well. The results are actually really close.”

He then asked, “What does this say about the state of affairs, especially the Trump — is there a mandate for Donald Trump? Will he keep his support? Will it stay the same? Are Democrats looking at this as necessarily a loss, or they got close and maybe there’s hope for them in the midterms?”

Isn’t that something? Only in the mind of a bat-guano crazy liberal could last night’s loss be any sort of victory, and by trying to spin it as such, they’re making it evident they STILL haven’t learned why they continue to lose.

2018 is going to be fun to watch…



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