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‘Comedian’ Kat Williams SUCKER PUNCHED 7th Grader, What Happened After Is AWESOME

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Black “comedian” and entertainer Kat Williams, who’s been in in trouble with the law recently, is in trouble yet again after a mix up on the playground. Apparently, he sucker punched a kid who’s in seventh-grade, and you have to see what happens next to believe it.

The 42-year-old entertainer picked a fight with the teen for reasons unknown, and what happened after is pure gold. Apparently, Williams didn’t realize the kid knew some MMA moves, and within seconds of getting punched, the kid had him on the ground in what appears to be a rear naked choke.


Check out video, via the Hollywood Reporter:

TMZ has more on the incident:

After reviewing the video where Katt punched a teen in the face, law enforcement sources tell TMZ that officials have launched a criminal investigation over fight. Katt’s currently out on bail for multiple assault charges, and the police are determining if this fight violated his bail agreement. If his bail is revoked, Katt’s headed back to jail.

It’s still unclear why exactly Katt sucker punched a random kid in the face, but it’s crystal clear who came out the ultimate winner in that fight. The teen quickly wrestled Katt to the ground and locked on what UFC fans know to be a “rear naked choke.” This was one of Katt’s most explosive fights, even though he lost. Yeah, that middle schooler totally owned the troubled comedian. You can totally own the music world by signing up for unlimited and ad-free streaming music right here.

Katt has been dealing with the law a lot as of late. He was arrested on March 8 after police allegedly found marijuana and firearms after raiding his home. This bust was part of an investigation into Katt for reportedly beat up his bodyguards, allegedly choking the man out with a baseball bat. Sadly, this arrest came after Katt was accused of pulling a gun on five women.

LOL. Apparently he’s not exactly a tough guy. Serves him right though. What grown man punches a kid? Unreal.



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