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Four ‘Commonsense’ Gun Control Measures Fail In The Senate, And The Reason Why Is SICKENING

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Most of us can agree that more gun control isn’t the answer to preventing future attacks like Orlando; however, there are some steps that could be taken to make it a little harder for potential terrorists to get weapons. Some of those steps were proposed in the Senate on Monday after Democrats threw a temper tantrum to get Republicans to agree to a vote, and all four proposals failed to pass for s disgusting reason.


Last week, Sen. Chris Murphy and his colleagues threw a fit on the Senate floor and filibustered a spending debate so they could grandstand for their “just” cause. Murphy, joined by Sen. Dianne Feinstein and others, wanted the GOP to agree to bring gun control proposals up for a vote and see if they passed. The Republicans ended up calling their bluff and agreeing to the vote, and each side offered two proposals to be voted on by everyone.

The Democrats’ proposals included one from Sen. Feinstein that would have linked the terror watch list to a gun ban, but hers lacked any protections for Due Process and gave the attorney general unfettered authority to arbitrarily strip Second Amendment rights without a court hearing or any other legal process. Republicans also offered a bill linking the terror watch list to a weapons sale prohibition, which is supported by the NRA, but were sure to protect Fifth Amendment rights as well, making it just as effective but not nearly as draconian. Both sides also offered an expansion of the National Criminal Background Check System (NICS), but Republicans didn’t take their proposal nearly as far as the Democrats, who wanted to expand the check to every private gun sale in the country.

To the outsider, protecting rights while still implementing some sort of better policy to prevent weapons from getting into the hands of terrorists seems like it would be a good thing, and the outsider would be correct. However, when all four bills came up for a vote, all four bills failed to pass, and it was because of the Democrats and their relentless political games.

It’s an election year, so they’re playing political games instead of acting on the principles they claim to hold so dear. Following the Orlando attack they pleaded for more “commonsense” measures to be passed, and when the opportunity came to pass them, they rejected them right down party lines.

They had the chance to at least pass something, as they claim they’ve wanted to do for some time now, but they instead did nothing. To say it was hypocritical would be an understatement. It was hypocritical, unprincipled, and purely the result of political gamesmanship.

Heaven forbid they share the credit for gun control bills during an election year. Heaven forbid they pass up the opportunity to make the GOP look bad. And heaven forbid they put people over politics and actually act in the best interests of America.

They had the opportunity to get a limited gun sale ban passed, and all they had to do was accept the Due Process protections. But apparently that was just too much for them to handle. They would rather have no gun sale ban than have one that comports with Fifth Amendment protections. They could have had expanded background checks too, but instead chose nothing because they’d have to share credit with Senate Republicans. Both of these measures have been what the Democrats have wanted for some time now, and rather than take what they could get, they turned around and used the opportunity to score political points in November.

To make matters worse, Senate Democrats then left the floor and immediately blamed Republicans for the bills’ failure to pass. Murphy accused the GOP of selling weapons to ISIS, and Elizabeth Warren promptly agreed. Then Harry Reid turned around and tried to accuse the Republicans of blocking the very bills they put to the floor for a vote. It’s been a circus ever since, and it was a circus the Democrats first created, and now are trying to exploit to bolster their chances of re-election in November.

In other words, Senate Democrats rejected the two “commonsense” bills they’ve been pushing for months now only because Republicans proposed them and voted in favor of them. If said gun control measures were in fact that important to them, then they should have passed with an overwhelming majority. But apparently their disdain for the Republican Party combined with their desire to remain in office are more important than whatever moral high-ground they claim to be standing on.

With that said, none of us want to see more gun control passed only because of a terror attack. But I’m sure we all can agree that if we can prevent potential terrorists from obtaining firearms, without infringing on the rights of law-abiding Americans, then it’s probably something we should look at doing. It’s just too bad certain people in Congress will resort to anything to ensure their chances at staying in office, including jeopardizing the safety of Americans.



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