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BUSTED: Confidential Memo From Hillary Campaign Reveals TROUBLING Plan, Trump Was RIGHT

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Thanks to Wikileaks, we now have a look at a confidential memo from Team Hillary that reveals a troubling plan by her team in case it looked like she was going to lose the race, and we’re seeing it play out before our eyes.

All across the national media, which we now know is totally in the tank for Hillary, we’re seeing headlines that pretty much assume she’s going to win. Polls are showing her gaining momentum despite the devastating revelations from Wikileaks, a damning series of videos from Project Veritas, and the exposure of just how corrupt she truly is, which has people wondering what the hell is really going on.

Well, an alleged internal memo from months back details exactly what we’re seeing now – they planned on using psychological warfare to suppress Trump’s turnout if things got too bad for her, the Gateway Pundit reported.

Check it out:

“Barrage with high frequency polls and declare the election over.”

Yes, that does sound familiar, especially since polls are showing her with double-digit leads nationally even though the information we’re finding out about her would absolutely destroy anybody else. That’s not to mention, /other polls are showing that more people want to see her in prison than they do the White House, which doesn’t suggest she has widespread support across the country, at least not as much as is being reported.

Regardless, we know the media is in the tank for her, and we know her campaign will do absolutely anything to win.



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