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BREAKING: Coughing Breaks During First Debate? Sorry Hillary, It’s NOT Happening!

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During one of the Democrat debates between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, Hillary took an extra-long “bathroom” break, where she left the podium and disappeared for some time, but that’s not going to happen on Monday night.

According to a report from Matt Drudge, Hillary isn’t going to have the opportunity to leave the stage at all during the 90 minutes she and Trump will be duking it out. In fact, if she does have some sort of medical fit or coughing fit, she’ll be forced to let the entire country watch because there’s not going to be a single commercial break throughout the entire event.

But that’s not even the worst news for her.

Drudge’s source explained that the moderator, Lester Holt, has no authority to cut away from the stage during the epic 90-minute showdown, and under no circumstances is the audio from either candidate’s microphones allowed to be manipulated. Now do you see why Hillary has taken the five days before the debate off the campaign trail?

She needs rest, and lots of it.

Earlier this year, she suffered a four-minute episode in which she couldn’t stop coughing. Then at the 9/11 memorial, she allegedly collapsed due to “overheating” at the event.

Plus, there’s been numerous instances where she’s needed help to get up a flight of stairs, looked physically fatigued, and even appeared to have some sort of seizure on camera, all of which isn’t going to bode too well for her on Monday. The debate is going to be an endurance test for her, and will mark the first time in months that she’s made a public appearance that lasted over an hour.

Plus, it’s widely reported among conservative websites that she needs some sort of stool to stand for prolonged periods of time. Well, according to InfoWars, the Debate Commission denied her request for one, making her time on stage all the more excruciating as she not only has to fend of a pitbull of an opponent, but worry about staying upright for over an hour-and-a-half without any help whatsoever.

BREAKING: Coughing Breaks During First Debate? Sorry Hillary, It’s NOT Happening

For her sake, she had best hope her doctors are able to work a miracle. Because if something happens on Monday, her campaign is finished.



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