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VIRAL: This Cowboy’s EPIC Message To Anti-Trump Snowflakes Is BURNING UP The Internet!

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Chad Prather has become an Internet sensation with his no-nonsense, tell it like it is attitude, and his latest video message to the snowflakes protesting President-elect Donald Trump’s historic election victory is burning up the web.

Sitting in the front seat of his pickup truck, Prather begins by addressing the “protesting college kids” and being supportive of their First Amendment rights, and that’s the last time he’s supportive of anything they do. From there, he rips into their entitled, brattish behavior while giving them a hefty dose of Southern reality.

“What are you protesting? The American political process? The Electoral College? The Constitution?” Prather asked.

“Noooo, you just didn’t get your way,” he says, answering his own question. “Get back into Starbucks and complain about your latte order.”

Check out the entire video below:

Boom! He’s spot-on.

While every generation has complained about those that follow, this time around it’s different than in the past. Previous generations may have rebelled and acted out, but never before have we seen a group of such entitled, spoiled, and unrealistic brats entering into the adult world, and it’s really not going to bode too well for them since the real world doesn’t care about their delicate feelings.

In fact, life outside of the daycares we call schools is cold, harsh, and full of rejection, none of which the snowflakes are prepared to handle after being coddled their entire adolescent lives. So if they think losing an election is the end of the world, as we’ve witnessed, they haven’t seen anything yet.

Let’s just hope they’re able to adapt to reality in a relatively short amount of time, or else they’re going to be in for a long, miserable adult life full of disappointment.



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