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Cruz And Rubio Caught In DAMNING Act During Commercial Break At Debate [Video]

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During Thursday night’s GOP debate, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz appeared to tag team the frontrunner, Donald Trump, in some rather harsh attacks on not only his policies, but his character. But during one of the commercial breaks, the two Senators were caught doing something rather damning, and there’s video proof of it.

Apparently, the two had worked out some sort of agreement with one another to team up against The Donald and try to hurt his poll numbers just prior to the Super Tuesday voting, and there’s video evidence of the alliance. The Gateway Pundit reports that during a commercial break, while Trump’s back was to the pair, they quietly shook hands to congratulate one another on their hit job against Trump.

You see that? That’s pretty shady, but not unexpected. After all, Rubio represents the establishment, and Cruz is still a Washington insider, regardless of how hard he tries to convince us otherwise, so it appears as if the two freshmen Senators are trying to knock out Trump so they can have a one-on-one showdown.

Will it work? Well, that remains to be seen; however, a look at the polling after last night’s debate suggests that their efforts were in vain.

The Hill has more on how voters thought The Donald fared through the relentless, and at times obnoxious, attacks against him:

According to a Drudge Report survey that has attracted more than 120,000 votes, 63.8 percent said Trump won the debate, followed Ted Cruz, at 17.9 percent, Marco Rubio, at 12.8 percent, John Kasich, at 3.6 percent, and Ben Carson, at 2 percent.

A Time magazine online poll of 17,000 people found the billionaire businessman taking 71 percent, followed by Rubio, at 18 percent, Kasich, at 6 percent, Cruz, at 4 percent, and Carson, at 2 percent.

So, while the two elitist establishment candidates thought they were really making headway, it appears as if just the opposite is true. Besides, who knows what they were thinking to begin with – whenever Trump is viciously attacked by either the media or the establishment, his support increases.

It looks like the pattern has held true once again, and Teflon Don likely won’t be affected too much by their strategy. If there’s one takeaway from the election season it’s this – people are obviously tired of the political establishment on both sides, and the harder it fights to remain in power, the harder the people are going to fight to end it.

What do you think of Cruz and Rubio’s attacks against Trump, did they go too far?



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