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BREAKING: Cruz Kasich Alliance About To BACKFIRE… Look What Voters Are Saying

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On Sunday evening, the campaigns for both Ted Cruz and John Kasich announced they would be colluding with one another to deny GOP front-runner Donald Trump from getting the majority of delegates from several remaining states, but the plan just might backfire in their faces.

While the two candidates think they’ve stumbled upon some genius plan to finally stop the Trump train, they really didn’t consider one aspect of it – the will of the voters. Such a careless omission could end up costing them too, as the voters in Indiana, where Kasich stopped campaigning to give Cruz an edge, aren’t having any of it, and instead said they’re voting for, you guessed it, Trump.

Trump called their plan a “collusion” while decrying the delegate process as a “scam,” and his message is apparently resonating with the folks in Indiana.

“I got to vote for the guy, not the game,” one Kasich voter, who wouldn’t change his vote, told MSNBC.

The resentment for the apparent rigging didn’t stop there either. Scores of Kasich voters told various news outlets that in light of the recent alliance, they’re voting Trump to send a message.

Ouch. That’s going to leave a mark.

Although these two should have seen this coming. This entire election has pitted the establishment against the people, and with their latest move, they both showed America whose side they’re on – and it’s not ours.

In fact, they both appear to be nothing more than pawns for a terrified establishment worried it’s about to lose its stranglehold on American politics. It’s no secret neither of them can beat Hillary Clinton in the general election, so if they’re successful in torpedoing Trump’s campaign, they’ll all but guarantee she gets into office.

Knowing what we all know, it appears as if those pulling the strings find that to be a favorable scenario to a Trump presidency. After all, Clinton is as establishment as you can get, and at least with her, the power brokers wouldn’t have to worry about losing their control over our government.



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