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Cruz Sex Scandal With 5 Alleged Mistresses EXPLODES After One Works For TRUMP

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Early Friday morning, a tabloid publication rocked the political world with explosive allegations against Senator Ted Cruz, claiming that he hasn’t exactly stayed true to his wife, Heidi -0 with five different women. Shortly after the bombshell report surfaced, Twitter exploded when one of the alleged mistresses actually works on Donald Trump’s campaign.

While the accusations should be taken lightly – for now – we also have to remember that the National Enquirer has broken some major stories over the years, including the Tiger Woods sex scandal, the same for John Edwards, and several other high-profile people, so there might be some truth to this report. With that said, they’re reporting that Cruz had steamy affairs with five different women, and Twitter users claim to have identified at least three of them.

The salacious report is undoubtedly outrageous, but many Twitter users bought it hook, line and sinker, then went as far as to start trying to figure out who the alleged mistresses are. Below is the image being used to show their identities, and you’ll notice that at least one is quite familiar – Katrina Pierson, Trump’s national spokeswoman.

The first is fingered as Pierson, while the second woman to the right is former Carly Fiorina staffer Sarah Isgur Flores, and her involvement may be explained by a report from the Washington Post, but we’ll get to that in a minute. The last woman allegedly identified is CNN pundit and former Cruz staffer Amanda Carpenter.

Cruz Sex Scandal With 5 Alleged Mistresses EXPLODES After One Works For TRUMP

As for Flores being named, that’s a huge development following a report from the Post on Thursday that alleged a Cruz Super PAC funneled $500,000 to Fiorina’s Super PAC during the early stages of the primary season back in July. Odd, right? The Post thought so too, and in its report it stated such a transfer is “unusual, to say the least.”

The development wasn’t lost on the Twitter-verse either, and users were quick to call the sum of money a “payoff.”

Now, for those doubting the story, don’t forget that the Enquirer has broken numerous high-profile stories that have buried people’s careers, which Twitter users also reminded the nay-sayers of.

Also, adding to the possible credibility of the report is that Breitbart News was apparently offered it first, but had to decline for reasons unknown. Around the same time the story broke this morning, the website’s tech reporter sent out a tweet suggesting he was “scooped.”

There’s also this tweet from the Washington Times’ Drew Johnson, which appears to confirm at least part of the story is true.

So take from this what you will – either rumors generated by a tabloid, or a bombshell report that will all but bury Cruz – now that you know most of the facts surrounding the report. It’s not uncommon for tabloids to print lies for ratings, and that’s likely what’s going on this time around.

Then again, Tiger Woods would probably advise people not to brush off tabloid reports too easily.



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