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BREAKING: Cruz SWEEPS Voter-Less Wyoming ‘Elections,’ Here’s What NOBODY’s Talking About

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So, Ted Cruz pulled off another voter-less “win” in the Wyoming “election” yesterday, sweeping al 14 delegates, and now he’s touting it as some sort of “grassroots uprising.” But is it?

Think about it, party elites all gathered in a room and selected Cruz as the state’s nominee. Nobody voted. Nobody else in the state had a say. Trump had 6 potential delegates there, and every single one was denied, yet Trump enjoys majority support in the state, according to polls.

Is this democracy in action? Only if you’re a party insider trying to keep the status quo – the very status quo that’s held us down with the two-party system and disenfranchised millions of voters.

When people vote, Trump wins. When the insiders all gather and make agreements, Cruz wins – and that’s exactly what happened in Colorado and Wyoming.

This is what having the power of the party establishment behind you looks like. This is what has kept true insiders out of the process. This is the work of Super PACS, insiders, establishment hacks, big-money donors, and political operatives – this is NOT the will of the people in action.

This is the exact thing that so many people are beyond upset with, and it’s exactly what’s bringing on the demise of the two-party system – paving the way for a Trump landslide come November.

Trump has been criticized for not having a so-called “ground game” in those two states, but think about it; he says he wants to change things, so he’s refusing to participate in the shenanigans. Lead by example, right?

Check out what he had to say about this very topic:

“I don’t want to waste millions of dollars going out to Colorado, knowing the system is rigged. I don’t want to waste millions of dollars going out to Wyoming, many months beforeto wine and dine, and to essentially pay off all these people, because a lot of it’s a payoff, you understand that. They treat them. They take them to dinner. They get them hotels. I mean, the whole thing’s a big payoff. It has nothing to do with democracy. I’ve understood this for a long time, I’ve never said anything, because frankly, I wasn’t involved in politics other than on the other side. I used to be establishment.”

Meanwhile, Cruz is exploiting it to the max, even though he knows he doesn’t have momentum on his side. Is that leading by example or engaging in the very actions voters are beyond pissed off with? How can someone want change yet support what Cruz is doing?

I don’t get how Cruz supporters can’t see what they’re actually supporting; they say they want an outsider, yet their guy is benefitting from every insider trick they absolutely despise. They say they want someone to go shake up the system, but they’re allowing their guy to use the system in place to literally steal delegates from the most popular candidate. They say they want things to change, yet it’s the same insider games being played by their guy to keep him in the running by rigging so-called “elections” using the establishment’s apparatus.

I used to really like Ted Cruz, and he had my full support when he ran for Senate. However, as time goes on I’m seeing someone much different than he made himself out to be, and it’s not someone I like. It’s not just the Wyoming election either. Throughout this campaign he’s repeated lies, he’s been deceitful, he’s taken left-wing positions to smear Trump, he’s disenfranchised millions of voters while praising the system in place used to do it, and he’s shown he’ll do absolutely anything to get a win – even take the full support of the establishment he supposedly wants to fight if he’s elected.

It’s hard to fight people you owe favors to, wouldn’t you say?

All of these things are what have voters in an uproar, and one thing is for certain – if Cruz gets the eventual nomination using these dirty tricks, it will all but guarantee a win for Hillary. Why? Because voters have had enough, and they’ll send a message to the GOP that it will never forget.

What happened in Wyoming and Colorado, combined with other dirty tricks on the campaign trail, make him look horrible, and people are fed up, which means that come November, they’ll either stay home or vote for Hillary. Think about it; after Colorado, Cruz’s poll numbers dropped, and I can all but guarantee that’s about to happen again, which is a great indicator of what’s to come. But sadly, the establishment and party insiders either can’t see the obvious, or they want Hillary to be elected to maintain their status quo, so they’re backing Cruz knowing that he’ll lose the general.

So keep that in mind as this election process moves forward. Yes, Cruz may be picking up delegates, but at what cost?

Is it really worth throwing the election just to make sure your guy gets the nomination? A vote for Cruz is a vote for the establishment, and a vote for the establishment means a win for Hillary.

I guarantee it.



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