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Dallas Activist STUNS Viewers After Making Shocking Admission On LIVE TV After Five Cops Get Killed

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Following the ambush attack by numerous snipers that left five police officers dead and several more wounded, a local activist in Dallas was interviewed on live television about the horrifying incident, and he stunned viewers with an absolutely shocking admission.

Chanda Higgins is an organizer for the Dallas Action Coalition, and he was asked by a KDFW-TV reporter about how his “heart” felt following the massacre. His answer probably isn’t what you’d expect considering five police officers who did nothing wrong were just murdered in cold-blood.

“It’s tragic when you talk about the loss of life, but it’s kind of got an ironic twist to me here in Dallas, particularly because the city of Dallas and the Dallas Police Department has been really successful about not talking about not exposing their issues like ones we’re seeing bubbling up across the country,” Higgins responded.

What he said next had people fuming.

So for this to happen and for officers to be killed during this like is a wake-up call that something different needs to happen and people want to see justice and people want to see reform, people want to see police be held accountable when they feel like it’s murder,” he said.

According to Dallas Police Chief David Brown, one of the suspects in the incident told officers that he was upset about the recent officer-involved shootings of two black men, and that as a result he wanted to “kill white people.” So far, five officers have died and a total of 12 officers and two civilians were shot by at least four snipers during the anti-law enforcement protest march.

Ironically, as soon as the shooting started, those upset at the alleged brutality of police ran to the very people they were protesting in hopes they would be kept safe. Not a single officer ran away from the danger despite the anti-cop attitudes they had been dealing with all night, and ultimately, five of them lost their lives, yet this guy thinks it’s a “wake up call?”

No wonder our nation is so screwed up.



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