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DAMNING Photo Surfaces Of Clinton RIGHT Before She Collapsed… Pneumonia? Not Exactly

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Hillary Clinton collapsed on Sunday during the 9/11 memorial event in New York City, and we’ve been left with more questions than answers surrounding the episode.

One of the biggest questions is about the explanation her campaign gave for why she collapsed to begin with. Hours after the episode, her campaign tried to blame it on a pneumonia diagnosis she allegedly received on Friday and didn’t tell anyone, but a damning photo has surfaced that appears to show Clinton was suffering from something much worse than pneumonia.

Paul Watson from InfoWars reported that the photo was taken just moments before Clinton collapsed and was whisked away by the Secret Service. In the picture, Clinton is seen with a woman who appears to be a nurse, and she’s squeezing the woman’s fingers as she appears to be receiving some sort of instruction as if she’s being given a classic motor neuron test.

DAMNING Photo Surfaces Of Clinton RIGHT Before She Collapsed… Pneumonia? Not Exactly

According to the NYU School of Medicine, the test is conducted as follows:

“Test the patient’s grip by having the patient hold the examiner’s fingers in their fist tightly and instructing them not to let go while the examiner attempts to remove them. Normally the examiner cannot remove their fingers. This tests the forearm flexors and the intrinsic hand muscles. Compare the hands for strength asymmetry.”

If you look closely at the photo, this is exactly what appears to be happening with Clinton, which suggests that her collapse was indeed the result of some sort of neurological disorder rather than pneumonia, as she and her campaign have claimed. Apparently, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser M.D. agrees as well.

Appearing on NewsMax TV, Jasser said that Clinton suffered from a syncopal episode, which can either be cardiovascular or neurologic. He said that while her campaign is trying to convince us that it was caused by dehydration, her recovery time was entirely too short for that to be true, and she should have been admitted to the hospital after such an episode.

“So I can tell you that it really appears and if I let a patient with the condition of syncope leave my office, and not get admitted, and get evaluated immediately, that would be malpractice. So there’s something going on.”

We previously reported that Clinton’s team forced the Secret Service to take her to her daughter Chelsea’s New York apartment after she collapsed, despite protocol requiring that she be transported to the nearest state-approved Level I Trauma Center. If her campaign knew that she was suffering from a neurological condition and not pneumonia as they claimed, it would fully explain why they did everything they could to ensure that she wasn’t seen by the physicians at the hospital.

Whatever the case may be, it’s obvious there’s something more to this incident than they’re letting on.



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