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BREAKING: DAMNING Video From Bill Clinton’s Past Surfaces… Look What He Did To INNOCENT Woman

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There’s no question over whether or not Bill Clinton is a serial philanderer but people still love to debate whether or not he’s sexually assaulted women by force. However, a damning video that just surfaced sheds much insight into how Bill actually treats women.

The video is from Clinton’s campaign for president, although it’s unclear whether or not it’s from his initial bid in 1992 or his re-election bid in 1996. However, signs seen in the video show that it was taken on an airplane used by the campaign, and Bill appears to be a little too friendly with an innocent flight attendant.

Check it out:

As you can see, Hillary’s husband places his hand in between the legs of the slight attendant sitting next to him, and it appears as if he didn’t have permission. No sooner than when Bill touches the woman’s leg do you see her grab his arm and remove it from her body.

While the actual context of the video isn’t known, it’s evident that the woman wasn’t comfortable with Bill’s advances. Unfortunately for Bill, it’s not the first time a woman has rejected him, although this woman was much luckier than women in his past.

One such woman is named Juanita Broaddrick, who has claimed since 1999 that she was brutally raped by Clinton in 1978 when she visited his campaign office. According to Broaddrick’s disturbing recollection of the rape, Clinton forced himself on the young and impressionable woman despite her repeated pleas for him to stop, then walked out as she lie bleeding on the bed, only to be found by a friend and coworker some time later.

Bill’s sordid past has been filled with allegations of sexual assault and cheating on Hillary, who’s stood by his side throughout all of it and in almost every case sought to destroy the lives of his accusers. Together, the Clintons have ruined the lives of countless women, all of whom were either forced to have sex with Bill or fell victim to his persuasion only to feel the wrath of Washington’s most powerful political couple after they dared come forward about their experiences.

Meanwhile, Hillary praises herself as a “champion of women” who will fight women’s rights and believes that all sexual assault victims deserve a voice. But the truth of the matter is that women, just like everyone else in Bill and Hillary’s lives, are merely pawns for a greater agenda, and as we’ve seen with the women in Bill’s past, neither one of them give a damn about women if they get in the way of the Clintons’ lust for power.



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