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Dem House Candidate Calls Hillary ‘Honest’ During Debate, STUNNED At Audience’s SHOCK Reaction

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Former Republican Governor of Florida Charlie Crist is running for a House seat in his state and he said that Hillary Clinton is “honest” during a Monday night debate. It’s safe to say he didn’t expect the reaction he received from the audience.

Of all the words that could be used to describe Hillary Clinton, “honest” definitely isn’t one of them. However, Democrats have no choice but to defend their indefensible candidate, and after a recent string of Hillary’s lies that were exposed, people aren’t buying their defense.

On Monday night, Crist found this out the hard way when debating incumbent Republican Rep. David Jolly from Florida’s 13th District. Crist was asked whether or not he’d be supporting Hillary for president, and he was nearly laughed off stage after the audience heard his response.

Check it out:

“I am,” Crist said. “I am proud of Hillary Clinton. I think she has been a very good Secretary of State, [and] a very good senator from the state of New York.”

Then came the whopper.

The thing I like most about her is I believe that she is steady,” he continued. “I believe that she is strong. I believe that she is honest.”

Immediately after the audience heard the word “honest,” laughter drowned out the room. But are you really surprised?

Recent polling shows voters believe her to be far less honest and trustworthy than her opponent, Donald Trump, and by a wide margin, especially since it was a CNN poll. The network found that only 35 percent of voters feel that she’s more honest and trustworthy than Trump, whereas 50 percent said they believe the opposite to be true, that Trump is more honest.

Such a gap isn’t going to fare too well for her at a time when voter discontent with the government and establishment politics seems to have reached a fever pitch, especially after Hillary walked away unscathed from a scandal that makes Whitewater look like a child stealing a pack of gum. Whether or not voter distrust in her affects her in the election remains to be seen; however, people don’t usually support those who they don’t trust since they don’t know if their ideas and policy proposals are genuine or not.



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