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Dems SILENT As Ferguson Burned, Now They’re DEMANDING Oregon Ranchers Pay For This

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For weeks, the city of Ferguson, Missouri was under siege from #BlackLivesMatter rioters as they pillaged, looted, and nearly burned their city to the ground, and nobody really said a peep about any of it. However, the story is much different in Oregon, where ranchers protested oppression from the government, and a Democrat representative just introduced a bill to make them pay for something ridiculous.

Of course, double standards are for too common these days, especially among leftist politicians and their pals, so it comes as no surprise that the group of white protesters in Oregon have come under serious fire for standing up to the government. From the start, they’ve been called everything from right-wing extremists to domestic terrorists, and now it appears as if the Democrats want to further punish them for their actions.

Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer, a Democrat representing the state on the federal level, has introduced legislation that will force Ammon Bundy and his fellow demonstrators to pay millions of dollars in restitution to the government to cover the costs of law enforcement. According to KOIN-TV, Blumenauer estimates the costs to be upwards of $100,000 a day, and he feels as if the protesters should be responsible to pay all of it.

“It would allow the federal government to go after the armed people who started it,” Blumenauer said. “But in the meantime, the people of Harney County shouldn’t have to suffer twice — had the disruption and then have to pay the bill.”

That’s a noble sentiment, indeed. However, I’m curious as to where the consistency is.

In Ferguson, protesters from #BLM held the city hostage for weeks as they ravaged the town, which caused police to be on-duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, yet nobody once mentioned forcing them to pay for it.

The same holds true in Baltimore, where a similar scenario played out. You know what happened there? The mayor told police to give the demonstrators “room” to do their thing, and the city even settled a multi-million dollar lawsuit with felon Freddie Gray’s family over his death.

Now in Oregon, the protesters could possibly be forced to pay for law enforcement costs, and you want to know why? To send a message, Blumenauer said.

“It must be made clear that armed takeover of government or private facilities, for grievances real or imagined, is absolutely unacceptable and won’t be tolerated,” he said. “It’s not just enough to enforce the law. We should recover damages from lawbreakers who tear up the landscape, degrade wildlife habitat and destroy property.”

Now, to put things into perspective, there were very few, if any arrests in both Baltimore and Ferguson. To the contrary, so far 16 people have been indicted in relation to the Oregon incident.

Why the difference? Well, your guess is as good as mine, but one thing is for certain – if what happened to the people in Oregon is an example of “white privilege,” I don’t want any part of it.

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