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Deranged Hillary Volunteer BASHED Carryn Owens, Retired SEAL Made Him SERIOUSLY Regret It

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The left has officially come unglued, which was evident when they attacked Carryn Owens after President Trump honored her sacrifice during his speech on Tuesday.

One such liberal is Dan Grilo, who volunteered on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Unable to handle the agony of defeat, Grilo lashed out at the grieving Owens and called her an “idiot” for clapping for her deceased husband.

Of course, the backlash was swift and severe, but perhaps the most stinging came from retired Navy SEAL Derrick Van Orden, who’s scathing letter to Grilo’s employer led to his immediate termination. Van Orden let Chicago-based Liberty Adviser Group know exactly how he felt about Grilo’s unwarranted and downright disgusting attack against the widow of his fallen brother-in-arms, and now Grilo has plenty of time to reflect back on his horrible decision.

The company said Grilo’s tweet was “inconsistent with the Company’s values,” and promptly showed him to door.

“You do not insult our widows and expect to get away with it,” he said on “Fox & Friends” Thursday.

Van Orden explained that in his letter, he wrote “in the basest terms, degraded the memory of one of my fallen Navy SEAL brothers by insulting his wife on a public platform.”

According to Van Orden, Grilo’s tweet was “beyond the pale” and he considered it “wholly inappropriate” for him to even send it. Additionally, he praised the president for honoring Owens during the speech and showing that she’s a “symbol” for other Gold Star widows and widowers.

It was an “incredibly classy thing to do,” said Van Orden.

“She is a strong woman that has displayed grace in the presence of hurt,” he added.

“Mr. President,” Van Orden said, addressing Trump directly, “you earned my respect and the respect of my fellow SEALs by doing this.”

“And and if you need anything, you give me a ring,” the retired SEAL concluded.

After learning of Grilo’s firing, Van Orden was sure to contact the company and thank them for how they handled the situation.

If you’d like to watch the video of Van Orden appearing on Fox & Friends, you can do so by following this link.



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