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DNC Brings Illegal Immigrant Family On Stage, Look What Happens IMMEDIATELY

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The first night of the DNC Convention was filled with chaos, delegates who weren’t unified, and pandering the likes of which haven’t ever been seen, and that much was evident when the DNC decided to parade an illegal immigrant family around stage.

In an attempt to court the Latino vote while showing the nation how they feel about laws, the DNC brought out the family of Karla Ortiz, and the response she received is troubling. While the majority of us want to secure our border and stem the flow of illegals, the Democrats’ desire for open borders became clearer than ever as Ortiz walked the stage.

Check out the response:

Yeah. Good one, Democrats. Three cheers for lawlessness!

It’s no wonder they couldn’t have cared less that Hillary Clinton didn’t get indicted for breaking the law – in their minds, laws are racist and misogynist, and if they inconvenience someone then they shouldn’t have to be applied. If you don’t think that’s true, check out some of the responses below.

Insanity, right? The best (or worst) part about it all is that the same people cheering on illegal immigration and open borders are the same people who later booed low working class wages, forgetting that one has a direct impact on the other.

It’s like they say, you can’t fix stupid…



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