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BREAKING: Doctor Makes SHOCKING Revelation About McCain, And It’s BAD: ‘Say A Prayer For…’

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Over the weekend, Arizona Sen. John McCain had surgery to remove a blood clot above his eye, and his office claimed it was “routine,” however, a board-certified doctor has a completely different take on the situation.

Dr. Milton Wolf is a diagnostic radiologist in Kansas, and after learning the details of McCain’s unexpected surgery he thinks the situation is much, much worse than McCain and his staff are letting on. In fact, he said there appears to be a deliberate attempt to cover up the Senator’s health condition by both the media and those closest to McCain.

“The mainstream media is covering for McCain or they’re just completely clueless,” Wolf told the Gateway Pundit. “Or both.”

“He had brain surgery for a 5 cm intracranial hematoma,” Wolf continued. “That’s a big deal. Can be life ending.”

He then said that people are playing word games when it comes to describing McCain’s condition.

“Media is buying his statement that it was from a routine annual physical —brain surgery?!— and they’re saying it was “above the left eye” rather than saying brain,” he said. “Clintonesque.”

Wolf also took to Twitter to publicly question the official story, noting the size of the “hematoma is huge.”

On Monday, it was reported that other doctors observing McCain’s condition said it could take weeks for him to heal, which falls along the same lines as what Wolf was saying. The Daily Mail reported that medical examiners speaking to the New York Times said a “blood clot in this area would be a very concerning issues,” and that “the recovery time for a craniotomy is usually a few weeks,” contradicting McCain’s statement saying he would be out for a week, at most.

While we often criticize McCain over his policies concerning the Trump administration, politics shouldn’t ever come before the health of another human being. We wish him a full and speedy recovery and pray there’s no further complications.



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