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Elizabeth Warren HUMILIATED After Calling Trump’s Wall ‘Stupid,’ Look What’s In Front Of Her Podium

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Last night, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a favorite among the moonbats, took to the stage at the DNC Convention and appeared visibly agitated as she addressed the crowd about the policies of Donald Trump. One of her favorite topics was his idea for a border wall, which she called “stupid,” but she should have looked down before doing so.

The common refrain from the liberal media and Democrats alike is that border walls don’t work because…well, they really don’t have a reason why, since walls do actually work. You know how we know they work? Because they’re used everywhere effectively to keep unwanted people out, which was exactly the case at the DNC Convention in Philadelphia.

Elizabeth Warren HUMILIATED After Calling Trump’s Wall ‘Stupid,’ Look What’s In Front Of Her Podium

Walls are apparently so ineffective to Democrats that they built a four-mile, double-layered wall around the arena in which the convention was held – apparently for decoration – but that wasn’t the only wall put to use last night. As Warren, who many call Liawatha, Fauxcahontas, and other comical names to mock her for faking Native American heritage to steal jobs from minorities, mocked Donald Trump’s idea to build a border wall as “stupid,” she stood protected behind a wall that was only feet away from her.

Oh yeah, that’s the height of hypocrisy. Check it out:

Yes, that’s a roughly three-and-a-half foot wall right in front of Liawatha’s podium, because walls don’t work, or something.

The new mantra for the Democrat Party is ____________ for me, but not for thee. What’s in the blank? Pick your poison; it could be walls, laws, guns, security, safety, special treatment, etc., but no matter what it is, the end result is the same – these people see themselves as above the rest of us “little folk,” so they’re entitled to things that we aren’t, at least in their minds.

Last night, the speakers all seemed to focus on the election not being about left or right, conservative or liberal, or Republican or Democrats, they said it’s about right and wrong, and you know what? I agree. It’s time we stopped the oligarchs who have hijacked our government and created an elite ruling class that’s above the law and given special privileges the rest of us aren’t afforded.

Our nation was founded upon the principle that everyone is created equal, and therefore we’re all to be treated equally under the law. This November, let’s honor the spirit of our founders and vote to restore the very equality that made this nation the greatest on the planet, and finally drive a stake through the heart of the elitists who operate with impunity and seek to deprive us of the same protections they all enjoy.



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