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BREAKING: JUST Before Obama Speaks, Wikileaks Releases NIGHTMARE For DNC

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The Democratic National Committee already isn’t having the best week after their convention was upset by the release of hacked emails that prove the party rigged the primaries, but it just got a lot worse after Wikileaks released some rather damning voice mails hackers were able to obtain.

Apparently Guccifer 2.0 has been a busy little beaver, and he was able to get ahold of some controversial audio files from Democrat donors and party leadership that pretty much blows a hole through the keel of an already sinking ship. In all, the online activist group released 29 voice mails, most of which are harmless, but include evidence that the DNC places money over absolutely everything, including its own party loyalty.

Surprisingly, Good Morning America ran a segment on the voice mail dump, which happened during prime time of the DNC Convention last night.

Check it out:

Ouch. That’s going to leave a mark. Funny, for a party that’s so opposed to the Citizens United ruling, they sure do love them some big money donors, huh?

The audio recordings were released around 8 p.m. on Wednesday evening, as the DNC was nominating Hillary as the party’s standard-bearer and vice presidential pick Tim Kaine accepted the nomination. Later in the evening, Barack Obama also took to the stage for a vintage Obama speech in which he actually spoke of his white heritage for the first time during his presidency.

Unfortunately it’s all being overshadowed by the latest Wikileaks dump.

Most of the emails are pretty standard stuff, although a staunch Clinton supporter was heard becoming irate that the party was doing too much to help Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the primaries.

“I’m furious about what you’re doing for Bernie Sanders,” she began.

Think she had any idea that Democrats were actively colluding against him? Oh, the irony.

So while the DNC tries to continue with its voter tested, poll approved, and pre-scripted convention, it looks as if it’s going to have yet another bad news cycle right in the middle of it. If we hadn’t spent so long watching these vermin screw over the American people and sell out our nation to the highest bidders, you could almost feel bad for them…almost.



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