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ENTIRE Oregon Town Has STUNNING Reaction After ICE Starts Performing Immigration Raids

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Illegal immigration is a major problem in America, and it has been ever since members of Congress started supporting open borders for our country.

However, with the election of President Trump has come the end of the open borders era, and one particular town in Oregon is really feeling the heat. The Oregonian published a story titled “ICE Raids Turn Oregon City Into a ‘Ghost Town,’” and it demonstrates just how bad the problem with illegal immigration has gotten in America.

BizPac Review has more:

The article’s sympathetic tone is unmistakable. Many of those in the country illegally are described as “Mexican parents who fled violence to pick berries.” Readers are told that children are terrified and mothers cower in their homes, too afraid to go to the grocery to buy food.

But then, the town is not representative of the average American city.

“More than a quarter of Woodburn’s 25,000 residents are undocumented. Nearly half struggle to speak English,” The Oregonian reported, after noting that “Latinos aren’t the fringe but the very fabric of the town.”

This would all seem to suggest that so-called “sanctuary cities” and states do, in fact, attract illegal immigrants looking to evade prosecution or deportation, as conservatives have been saying for years. It also highlights just how bad the issue has become, thanks to President Trump following through on one of his many campaign promises to bring an end to illegal immigration.

“Almost everybody in town is impacted,” said school superintendent Chuck Ransom.

“Everybody knows somebody or is related to somebody for whom that situation is real,” he added. “Nobody can escape.”

The Oregonian also sought to make people sympathetic to business owners in the town, at least one of whom sells leather boots and cowboy hats. Shocker.

“I depend on people, whether they are legal or illegal,” Cesar Mora told the Oregonian — in Spanish.

The easiest way to avoid being deported is to come to America legally. But alas, the left doesn’t ever want to discuss that important detail as they stray further away from the law while embracing and excusing the lawless.

Thankfully, we finally have a president willing to take on the tough task of securing our border and ending the illegal invasion from the south. Liberals really aren’t too happy about it, which means it’s exactly what we need to do to Make America Great Again.



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