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Entitled Black Woman Pulls Gun Over FRIED CHICKEN, Cops Have STUNNING Reaction

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A North Carolina woman and her partner went out to eat and ordered some fried chicken at a local restaurant, but apparently they didn’t get the order right. Rather than politely notify the employees that something was wrong, she took a completely different route, and it ended up costing her big time.

There’s not many details about what happened; however, what is known is that 24-year-old Clarissa Gagum doesn’t like bones in her chicken, and you had best get it right the first time or else you’re going to pay for it. That’s what happened when she went to FU Wangs in Wilmington Thursday evening, and she ended up in jail as a result, Star News Online reported.

Gagum and her husband, 24-year-old Rasheem Gagum, apparently ordered boneless chicken wings at the restaurant, but were absolutely appalled to find their chicken had bones in it. So she did what any sensible person lunatic would do and confronted her sever about it, and when she didn’t get the refund she desired she went out to her car to grab a gun.

When Gagum returned, she allegedly pointed the weapon at the restaurant’s employees, then in a fit of rage started destroying everything inside. The police were called, and when they arrived they found her sitting outside with the gun in-hand.

Miraculously, the racist cops didn’t shoot her on site (sarcasm), and she was taken into custody without incident, but her husband was a different story. He apparently stood up to defend his batsh*t crazy wife and fought with police, but was eventually subdued and hauled off to jail alongside his faithful partner.

The female Gagum now faces two counts of assault by pointing a gun and injury to personal property, and her husband was hit with resisting arrest. Both were booked into jail, and she was released on a $30,000 bond while her husband made his $500 bail.

But this story goes to show that even when someone has a gun, it’s not automatic that police are going to show up and shoot them. While Gagum was undoubtedly way over the top inside the restaurant, when police arrived, she did as she was asked and as a result, she lived to tell the tale about it. Shocker, right? Only if you buy into the media myth that all cops are racist jerks out to mass murder black people.

Now if only we could get others to take such a common sense approach when dealing with police. Maybe then we could start cutting down on officer-involved shootings.

Good job to the officers in this incident for handling it professionally and without any further conflict, even though they were attacked by Gagum’s husband.



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