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BREAKING: Eric Bolling Breaks Silence After Suspension From Fox

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Fox News host Eric Bolling fund himself at the center of controversy over the weekend after seemingly bogus claims of sexual harassment from nearly a decade ago were published by far-left media outlet Huffington Post.

The article claimed that over “a dozen different sources,” not a single one of whom would reveal their names, confirmed that Bolling harassed his female co-workers at the Fox News network. Shortly after the news broke, another woman, far-left activist and third-wave feminist Caroline Heldman, who was one of the women that accused Bill O’Reilly of impropriety, published a Facebook post launching similar accusations against Bolling, and all of this culminated in his suspension from the network.

Since the troubling news broke, Bolling has remained silent, and rightfully so – he’s being treated a guilty until proven innocent. However, on Monday morning, the host of “The Specialists” took to Twitter to thank people for their support and state that he looks forward to clearing his name.

Below is the post from Heldman. Note how she doesn’t explain why she stayed at Fox News if things were so bad:

** Long Post, TW for Sexual Harassment**Fox News just suspended Eric Bolling pending allegations that he sent photos…

Posted by Caroline Heldman on Saturday, August 5, 2017

The timing of the allegations shouldn’t be lost on people. Last week, the far-left henchmen at Media Matters announced all-out war against Sean Hannity and his advertisers in an attempt to get the host taken off the air. The latest attack comes after an attack similar to Bolling’s failed to yield any results.

In other words, what’s happening to Bolling is straight out of the left’s playbook. Let’s hope he sues these bimbos into oblivion.



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