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EXPOSED: Lt. Col. Reveals ‘TRIPWIRES’ Obama Left Behind To SABOTAGE Trump

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Barack Obama promised numerous times that he would make President Trump’s transition into the White House as smooth as possible, but like most other promises he made to the American people, he had his fingers crossed behind his back.

At least that’s what one would conclude after hearing Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer’s analysis of what’s currently happening with the leakiest administration we’ve seen in some time. The retired soldier appeared on Fox News to explain how Obama and his former adviser Ben Rhodes left political booby-traps throughout government designed to do exactly what’s been happening – undermine the public’s trust in the Trump administration.

More from the Conservative Tribune, via YoungCons:

Tony Shaffer, a Senior Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research and a veteran exposer of cronyism, corruption and cover-ups at the highest level, says that Obama left loyalists in place, many of them political appointees who became career intelligence officers who are now exploding well-planned political bombs.

Appearing on Fox News Thursday, Shaffer alleged that Obama senior adviser Ben Rhodes “laid tripwires for things to go off like booby traps.” He also charged that the firing of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was planned by the Obama administration.

Shaffer went on to implicate Obama in the sabotaging of Trump, before explaining the only way it’s going to stop is for the Trump administration to do some serious house cleaning not only at high-level positions, but throughout all areas of the agencies.

Shaffer said CIA Director Mike Pompeo and other Trump appointees are providing the White House with all of the intelligence they have, but that people below them were making their own decisions about what to bring forth and what to withhold.

“That’s why you need to look at a house-cleaning,” Shaffer said.

In a scathing commentary on intelligence professionals now in place, Shaffer said “some of those professionals were selected [during the Obama years] because of their political reliability, not because of their professional ethics.”

Shaffer is spot on. In order for Trump to shut this garbage down, he needs to go through each department like a bull in a china shop and take out whoever he suspects may be a political operative or else the leaks will continue, and they’ll likely become more and more damaging as time goes on.



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