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Facebook’s ‘Fake News’ Checker Goes Into Effect, And You Have To See This…

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Facebook has started rolling out its newest feature – a “fake news-checker” designed to warn users of potentially false or misleading information being published.

The problem is, while you and I would consider “fake news” to be about aliens abducting Al Gore and giving him an anal probe (actually, that’s more like something we wish would happen, and they can keep him!), Facebook’s definition is far more nuanced, and as such it poses a great threat to free speech.

Ever since the election, liberals have been crying about so-called “fake news” costing Hillary Clinton the election, but never mind the fact that the big three networks, ABC, NBC, and CBS, have been caught publishing fake news almost weekly since the election started. This outcry has caused tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Google to take action to combat the spread of allegedly false stories in an effort to help the people be “better informed.”

Facebook is launching its new tool allowing users to flag a link they suspect may be “fake news.” If there’s enough users to meet the threshold defined by Facebook, the link is forwarded to one of their “independent fact-checkers” for validation – all of whom are far-left publications with questionable reporting histories, such as Snopes, who’s been caught peddling lies to cover for the Obama administration.

If one of their so-called “fact-checkers” determines the story to be “fake news,” then users will start getting warning dialogues from Facebook about sharing the content.

The deeply flawed system is a joke, at best, and will undoubtedly lead to armies of trolls flagging content they disagree with in an effort to censor conservative voices. As it is, far-left organization hire operatives to troll social media and debate right-wing talking points, which a group called “Correct the Record” became infamous for during the election, so it’s all but certain the same kinds of groups will direct their people to hunt down and flag content from conservative publications, even if the content isn’t “fake news.”

In other words, stories about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower or claims refuting the Russian conspiracy allegations against Trump will be targeted for removal, and with Facebook turning to reliably liberal sources for confirmation, they’re all but certain to be flagged and removes from the social media platform.

For more on the new feature, check out the segment below from Fox & Friends:



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