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BREAKING: First ‘Faithless Elector’ Goes ROGUE, Sends A BOLD Message To…

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The first “faithless elector,” as they’re called,” has acted out during the Electoral College vote today, and those trying to stage a coup probably aren’t too happy about it.

Since November’s historic upset, many on the left have been trying to steal the election from the people by overturning the results through the Electoral College. In a last-ditch push, prominent Democrats took to the media over the weekend to urge electors to “vote their conscious,” and one of them from Minnesota apparently did.

Although while Democrats wanted them to vote for someone other than President-elect Trump, this elector couldn’t stomach voting for Hillary Clinton despite the mandate from voters in their state. Yeah, apparently they were a delegate for Bernie Sanders, and after the Democrat Party rigged the primaries with fake news, debate tampering, and voter fraud to ensure a Hillary win, they couldn’t support the two-time failed presidential candidate in the Electoral College.

More from The Hill:

Muhammad Abdurrahman, a former Bernie Sanders delegate to the Democratic National Convention, attempted to vote for no candidate, according to The Associated Press’s Kyle Potter.

Abdurrahman’s vote was declared invalid and an alternate elector was appointed, allowing the state to go ahead and deliver its 10 electoral votes for Hillary Clinton.

Many liberals have protested Donald Trump’s presidential election victory, calling on Republican electors to refuse to back Trump. Instead, the day’s first “faithless elector” is a Democrat.

Oh, the irony of the first faithless elector being a Democrat is just too delicious for words. This election is the gift that continues to give for conservatives as the left is repeatedly rebuked while relegating themselves to the dustbin of history.




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