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Fallen Green Beret’s Grieving Family Hit With MORE Shocking News After Fox Runs Report On His Death

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U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Mark De Alencar was recently killed during a firefight in Afghanistan, and his grieving family was hit with shocking news after Fox News ran a report about the soldier’s death.

While it wasn’t official, the U.S. military appeared to have avenged De Alencar’s death by dropping its largest non-nuclear ordinance in the same region that he was killed, which reportedly vaporized at least 100 ISIS terrorists and destroyed their vast system of tunnels. But De Alencar’s support didn’t end there.

After one of his close friends heard of his untimely death, she set up a GoFundMe page in his honor to help his widow and children with expenses following their devastating loss. Originally, the goal was set for $15,000, which would have been a much-needed infusion of cash for the grieving family, but after Fox News ran a report about De Alencar’s death something unexpected happened.

More from Fox:

The friend of a fallen Green Beret set up a GoFundMe page, initially seeking $15,000 to help the family of Army Special Forces Staff Sgt. Mark De Alencar.

But in just two days, donations have flooded the page to the tune of $280,000-plus and counting.

De Alencar, 37, was killed a week ago by small-arms fire in an operation against ISIS fighters in eastern Afghanistan.

His death occurred in an area where the U.S. military dropped the so-called “mother of all bombs” Thursday on a terrorist tunnel network, killing 36 ISIS fighters.

The woman who set up the page, Nikki Damron, wrote that she and her husband were close with De Alencar and his wife.

De Alencar, a Maryland resident, also leaves behind five children.

“Mark was recently killed in combat during his team’s rotation in Afghanistan. He leaves behind a loving wife who now has the task of raising their 5 kids on her own. The youngest being 3 and the oldest being 17 if I recall correctly. This will be a very rough task on both his wife and the older of the kids who will be forced to take a larger role in supporting their younger siblings,” she wrote.

While this is an incredibly dark time for De Alencar’s family, Americans were able to provide them a ray of light with their outpouring of support. How awesome is that?

It’s stories like this that make us all proud to be Americans.



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