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Chicago Cubs Fans Hold Up GIANT ‘Hillary For Prison’ Sign At World Series, Get NASTY Surprise

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Sunday night was a great night for the Chicago Cubs, but a not so great night for Hillary Clinton.

During the broadcast of the historic series, some fans in the stands decided they were going to send a political message, but they ended up getting a nasty surprise. As the game’s announcers sat in their booth, a group of fans behind them held up a huge “Hillary for Prison” sign for the world to see.

At first, all seemed well and that the fans wouldn’t be bothered, and they weren’t. However, the network soon cut away from the announcers and when it went back to them the screen was zoomed in so the sign couldn’t be seen, but that wasn’t the worst part.

Even though the people holding the sign weren’t bothering anyone – they just wanted to make a statement about a political candidate – they were treated to a dose of leftist “tolerance” when apparent Hillary supporters accosted them and destroyed their sign.

Check it out:

Isn’t that lovely. Although it’s not surprising in the least.

This entire election cycle we’ve seen unprecedented amounts of vandalism for everything pro-Trump and anti-Hillary as leftists have become unhinged at the prospect their candidate is going to lose. So it stands to reason that they’d viciously attack a sign saying Hillary belongs in prison rather than running for president.

It’s just sad that they’re incapable of seeing how blatantly hypocritical they are in suppressing the speech of their political opponents while demanding their views be heard and respected by everyone else.

Double standards, anyone?



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