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FBI Director Comey Makes Stunning Admission About Hillary Clinton

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Millions of Americans were perplexed when Hillary Clinton said FBI Director James Comey said she was being honest with both the agency and the American people.

She lied under oath to Congress. She lied numerous times to the press, and she even lied to the FBI during her questioning. Yet she tried to tell us that Comey said she didn’t lie.

Well, Comey finally debunked her lie that he claimed she was “truthful” about the scandal involving her private server. During his Congressional testimony yesterday, Director Comey partially redeemed himself by giving the Trump campaign an awesome sound bite to use in the coming weeks.

“I did not,” Comey confirmed Wednesday at a U.S. House hearing, making it abundantly clear that he never once said Hillary was being “truthful” when speaking of her private server and calling her out on the lie about the lies she told.

“I never say that about anybody,” Comey continued. “Our business is never to decide whether we believe someone.”

“Our business is always to decide what evidence do we have that would convince us not to believe that person,” he added. “It’s an odd way to look at the world, but it’s how investigators look at the world.”

The hearing was part of a Congressional investigation into the FBI’s investigation into Hillary’s use of a private email server. Many Congressional Republicans believe that she was given special treatment after it was learned that the FBI handed out immunity agreements “like candy” to Hillary’s staff, including immunity from destroying subpoenaed evidence after being given a preservation order.

Nobody from Hillary’s team faced prosecution for their actions while serving under her as she was secretary despite overwhelming evidence that everyone knew what they were doing was illegal and they intentionally destroyed evidence to cover their tracks. While the Congressional hearings likely won’t lead to any charges being brought, at least they’re uncovering the truth in the matter and exposing the deep corruption within our government.

Had this been anybody else, they’d be charged with numerous felonies, tried, convicted, then sentenced to a lengthy term, just ask Edward Snowden, who was forced to seek asylum in Russia after leaking sensitive information about the NSA. However, if your name is Hillary Clinton or you’re a part of her team, you apparently don’t have to worry about the same laws as us mere peasants.



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