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6 Words Female College Graduate Painted On Her Cap Have Leftist Professors FREAKING

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Attending a “higher education” facility is a rather daunting task for conservatives, who find themselves surrounded by radical progressives and pseudo-intellectuals espousing Marxist garbage at every turn, so it stands to reason that if they make it out without turning to the dark side they’re going to be proud.

That’s the case with a recent female college grad, and she used her graduation cap to boast of her impressive accomplishment. Painted across the top of it was a simple message, but it’s one that can give those of us on the right hope that not all is lost with those transitioning from their “safe spaces” in college to the real world, where nobody cares about their delicate feelings.

Yeah. Since both our schools and our universities have been invaded by radical progressives working their best to indoctrinate students with politically correct leftist vomit, such a feat seems nearly impossible for someone to do.

So congrats, young lady. You’re an inspiration for others and give great hope to those of us who are skeptical of the overly-sensitive snowflakes being churned out at record pace from American universities.

Plus, you probably also obtained a degree that makes you employable rather than something to do with “liberal arts” (whatever the hell that is) or “gender studies,” which is every bit as useless as it sounds since there’s only two genders and almost every agrees they’re decided by what is or isn’t hanging between your legs. So enjoy your life of success through hard work. Lord knows after enduring the hell that’s become college, you deserve it. 

[H/T: YoungCons]



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