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SHOCK VIDEO: Feral Rioters Approach White Man With Hands Up, Then The UNTHINKABLE Happens

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Last night in Charlotte, North Carolina, violence and unrest swept across the city as rioters rampages through the streets destroying everything in their paths and targeting innocent white people, as one shocking video shows.

An unidentified man was walking through a parking garage when a group of feral rioters decided they were going to approach him. The man had his hands up and was begging for mercy, but it was to no avail as the violent thugs attacked him anyway.

The video is disturbing to watch.

CONTENT WARNING: Video contains graphic violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

The man was viciously attacked by the rioters, who repeatedly delivered crushing blows and ended up stripping him naked. Meanwhile, witnesses surrounding the brutal assault were laughing and cheering on the innocent man’s attackers.

Sadly, this is just one of numerous cases of unprovoked racial violence that occurred last night.

In one instance, rioters took a white photographer captive and attempted the throw him into a raging fire. However, police were able to stop them before they were able to actually get him into it.

In another instance, a white homeless man was minding his own business when rioters approached him and one decided to deliver a brutal kick to the man’s torso. Chilling video is below, and shows the incident unfold as again, other laughed.

Another white man was in his car as he approached the rioters, and fortunately he was armed. After flashing his weapon, the rioters backed off and allowed him through.

As you can see, the “peaceful “protests” turned out to be violent riots that were racially charged and targeted white people who hadn’t done anything wrong. Unfortunately, this is what happens when the liberal media pushes a false narrative that’s reinforced by opportunistic politicians, like Hillary Clinton, who repeated the narrative that Keith Scott was unarmed when shot by police.



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